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MGL Curtain provides professional Wallpaper Installers in Singapore at very affordable and competitive pricing.
1. Korean Wallpaper

With over 1000 branded and quality Korean wallpaper designs to choose from various themes (Scandinavian, Modern Contemporary, Victorian, 3D Bricks, Wood, Kids wallpaper including Disney characters.

2. Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl coated wallpapers are those that have a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or acrylic type vinyl coating. Vinyl wallpaper meets specific physical performance levels that make it more suitable for higher traffic spaces since it is durable and easy to clean.

3. Customised Wallpaper

Customised wallpaper will turn your memorable photos / images into exiting wall images by using our customised wallpaper and wall covering services. It could be your family photos, image request or your high resolution own shoots. We have almost all types of images for you to make your desirable walls. Available in High Quality Thick and Breathable Material for extremely durable.

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