Somfy Irismo Plus Motorised Track Combines the best of technology and price for everyone to enjoy the comfort and convenience motorisation brings. Somfy Irismo Plus Curtain Motor with RTS Compatible with most curtain-types. Customisable Position. Manual Operation. Touch Motion. Somfy Altus 50 RTS motorised system Motor with integrated radio control.A classic multi-purpose unit to motorise a host of products (roller shutters, awnings, vertical blinds, etc.) Up, down and stop functions, and can be pre-programmed with favourite position. Somfy Wire Free Motorised System Somfy Altus 28. A WireFree motor with a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery offering a convenient motorized solution for internal blinds. Great for small to medium window treatments, where wiring up is a challenge. Flexible speed and tilt power adjustments for optimal customization. Dooya KT82 Motorised Track DT82 motor Customizable Super Quite Electric Curtain Track for smart home. As technology advances, smart devices and smart homes are increasingly becoming more popular. Being able to connect your appliances and devices to the internet is just the first step, but it is a crucial one. We are here to provide you a smooth entry to this experience. Our solutions do not require huge changes to your current home or lifestyle. Yes, no re-wiring involved. Teach you how to adapt to your lifestyle.

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