Night Curtain

In general, night curtains fall into 3 main categories:- 1. Standard night curtain Night curtains are usually heavy weight or in other words they are heavy lined, opaque and are of dark colored materials. Standard Night Curtains material reduces light transmission by 50-60%, allowing some light to pass through. When fully drawn, complete privacy can still be obtained. Typically used in common areas such as living hall, corridors or stairway when natural light is preferred. 2. Dim out night curtain Dim-out draperies, referred to as privacy curtains, are typically made of 100% polyester fabrics that range in fabric density and can block up to 80% of light from entering a room. Dim-out curtains are available in a variety of colors and styles. The dim-out fabrics are typically soft to the touch and hangs beautifully as a stand alone single panel or as an attached lining. In addition, most dim-out fabrics are washable as opposed to the blackout fabrics. 3. Black out curtain As the name suggests, 100% Blackout Curtains can block out up to 100% light (No light passes through the fabric, however some light can wade in via the ends of curtain). Furnished with such fabric will meant that a person from the outside will not be able to tell if lights are on in the inside of the house. Blackout curtains is an excellent way to keep the room cool which is ideal for a tropical country like Singapore, as well as for maximum privacy. Best used with Day Curtains for flexible light control during the day.

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