Night Curtain

Standard night curtain Night curtains are usually heavyweight or in other words, they are heavily lined, opaque, and are of dark-colored materials. Often, this type of curtain is used with sheer or day curtains to not only have a layering effect but also to meet different lighting needs all day. Standard night curtain materials reduce light transmittance by 50-60%, allowing visible light to pass through. After it is completely drawn, you can still get complete privacy. Usually, it is used in common areas that prefer natural light, such as stairways, living rooms, and corridors, etc. Dim out night curtain The other category of curtains- Dim Out Night Curtain prevents approximately 70 to 80% of light transmission to enter the room. However, its stuff is better than ordinary night curtains; it is not thicker and bulky than blackout blinds and curtains. The Dim Out influence is achieved by dimming the inner lining fabric between the original fabric layers. These types of curtains are longer-lasting than the standard ones. Due to its simple maintenance and economic benefits, this is usually the preferred night type of curtain. Blackout curtain As the name suggests, 100% Blackout Curtains can block out up to 100% light (No light passes through the fabric, however, some light can wade in via the ends of the curtain). Such fabric means that a person from the outside cannot tell if lights are on the inside of the house. Blackout curtains are an excellent way to keep the room cool which is ideal for a tropical country like Singapore, as well as for maximum privacy. We provide black-out night curtains as your choice of high-quality fabrics. Approach us now! MGL is the top choice for modern homeowners in Singapore for blinds and curtains.

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