Hunter Douglas

We are the absolute service distributor of Hunter Douglas. It is the leading brand of curtains, blinds, and window treatments. The comfort, convenience, beauty, and value of these types of curtains can only be determined by custom curtains. Hunter Douglas is the globes' chief manufacturer of curtains and a prime producer of architectural products. Our advantage lies in our expertise in creating high-quality, innovative, and proprietary products that can be seen in millions of commercial and homes buildings in the world. Benefits and Features:
  • Excellent energy efficiency-the most advanced patented design can save energy costs.
  • Vivid colors-Multi-layered fabric inhibits colors from being washed away by strong light.
  • The firm pleats-the inner unit carries the curtain weight, so the outer unit never deflates.
  • Privacy and light control options- opaque and translucent fabrics.
  • Cordless lifting, retractable rope, LiteRise, and EasyRise, rope tensioner can improve the safety of children.
  • Bottom-up/Top-down Duette Architella and Duolite with SkyLift give you maximum control over privacy and natural light.
  • The Hunter Douglas window fashion Duette Architella honeycomb curtains are covered by Hunter Douglas' exclusive 5-year limited warranty.
  • A special shape suitable for any window-curtains can cover almost every window, from large to round sliding glass doorways.
When the light is achieved magnificently, a sense of sheer comfort is developed. Hunter Douglas curtains scatter light perfectly and give extraordinary, energy-effective comfort in the home regardless of the season. We provide coatings and unique fabric treatments to improve the energy-saving quality and solar thermal control of many of the fabrics and products. We focus on building sustainable manufacturing methods, as well as reusing and recycling the waste materials. Our focus is also on method reengineering so that we can serve our customers faster and more productively while lessening the environmental influence. Blinds make your room look clean and tidy, and add a sense of comfort that blends with the decoration of your home. When it is about the designing of the room, the window treatment induces an extra part to make the ordinary room spectacular. Just like blinds from MGL!

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