KC Fabrics

KC Fabrics is a globally well-known brand that provides high-quality and reasonably priced furniture fabrics that can satisfy various customer curtain requirements. It designs, creates, markets, and delivers furniture fabrics worldwide. KC Fabrics was established in 1931 and has now become an internationally renowned brand, providing high-quality, reasonably priced furniture fabrics that can meet customers' wide-ranging needs for curtains and interior decoration. Unparalleled design, vibrant colors, extensive inventory, and exceptional customer service consider KC Fabrics the chosen supplier for its trading and customers partners. As a recognized market leader in the field of furniture fabrics, KC curtains, exquisite embroidered bed sheets, and upholstery fabrics have created a niche market for itself. Whether it is a hotel or home, a restaurant or an office, the KC fabric series covers the modern fabrics and textures, modern and new styles, glossy satin, intricate embroidery, and bright colors to fit all potential requirements and needs. We maintain a low production cost and constantly strive to provide customers with options at the most favorable price to assure that the products always offer the required level of value and quality.

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