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Less is More? Less is Bored?

Some said that Less is More.


One of the more prominent people who said this is Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a german-american architect. We can totally tell by his masterpieces, which include the IBM Plaza in Chicago and The Social Service Faculty in University of Chicago.

Let’s zoom back to our interior furnishing, is it ok to furnish the whole house with the same fabrics? Will it looks boring?
Nope, it will look consistent. Sometimes, a consistent furnishing for the whole house will make the house looks larger – as a result of theme extension to the whole space.
On the other hand, Some said Less is Bored.
The “Anti-hero” here is Charles Jencks who graduated from Harvard. Jencks believes that contemporary science is potentially a great moving force for creativity, because it tells us the truth about the way Universe is and shows us the patterns of beauty.
Less, is bored, in that sense.
In the context of interior furnishing, it is perfectly ok to choose different fabrics for different rooms in a house, as long as the thematic elements got extended through the selections.

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